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How to increase your hustle , and get more done.

Make the Change…I did! ‘My hustle and my motivation have been increasing and I am getting so much more done.” What has working out done for me?   It has brought so much back into my life.  I feel and look healthier, I have lost 13lbs so far (as of this post).  I have not weighed myself in over a week…

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So much has happened since we last talked.

We made it to Tennessee! It has been soo long!!  So much has happened since we last talked. I think the biggest thing that happen to our family is that we made the move south from Connecticut to Tennessee!  WOW! Sometimes life takes unexpected turns but those unexpected turn could actually be the best thing that has ever happen to you!  My…

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(Part 4) The Journey- Surprise, you’re having triplets! :0

I remember waking up one morning in March of 2015 and realizing I was turning 40 in 2 months!!  My next thought was, “I still want to have one more baby!!”  I got up and called Mark.  I told him it’s now or never!  We decided to go for it.  We went to our fertility clinic and started the process.  Doctor…

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(Part 3) The Journey- Ectopic Pregnancy

Me: “Mark, I am late!” Mark: “What do you mean your late?” Me: “I took a test, I am pregnant!” What…I was pregnant?  On our own, without any fertility treatments?  This was a miracle I thought!  It was about a year after the boys were born.  I couldn’t believe it!  I was excited and also in a little bit of…

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(Part 2) The Journey from Fertile to Infertile… The Twins!

Seven years… Seven years of waiting! I couldn’t understand it at first. I had my beautiful daughter Alexa at 21 with no problems… How could this be that I was struggling at 28 to have another child.  I remember month after month taking pregnancy tests with no success.  I remember the cold floor of my bathroom, as I laid on…

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pregnancy test on wooden background

The Journey from Fertile to Infertile…The Beginning

So, this will be my FIRST blog EVER!  Looking forward to learning about the world of blogging along the way.  I feel it’s important that you get to know my mommy journey, my battle with infertility and how I ended up where I am today…6 kids later! Well, here is the beginning, my first mommy chapter, thanks for joining me!…

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