So much has happened since we last talked.

We made it to Tennessee!

It has been soo long!!  So much has happened since we last talked.

I think the biggest thing that happen to our family is that we made the move south from Connecticut to Tennessee!  WOW! Sometimes life takes unexpected turns but those unexpected turn could actually be the best thing that has ever happen to you!  My husbands job situation was Moved to Tennesseea little unstable and really pushed us to make the move.  We talked about moving for a while but never made any definite plans. Now, because of job loss, we were forced to reconsider.  What started out a bit nerve wracking has turned out to be such a huge blessing!!  With this move we have made some changes to our lifestyle that have been essential to our future success and our health.  In some of my future posts I will share more about them as we go through our journey, but today I will summarize everything so you have a sneak peek into some of things I will be blogging about down the road.

One, I started working out almost every day and eating healthy.  Guest what, I have lost 11 lbs. so far in three weeks!!  I am so excited to keep this going and see more results!  EXCUSES… I had to put away all the excuses and the fact that I did not think it was possible because I had 5 little kids at home.  My doctor told me I also have an abdominal separation called Diastasis Recti.  It is when your belly sticks out because there is this space between your abdominal muscles. It is very painful.  This sometimes happens when you are pregnant, especially with multiples and doesn’t go back. Because of this I have to modify some exercises or I could make this condition worse.  But that won’t stop me.


Two, Mark and I started a morning routine.  Did you know that so many successful people across the board have a morning routine that they stick to no matter what!  Again, I had to put away all my excuses!  I feel great since I started this…I start my day strong even if the rest of the day gets crazy!!  Now I am working on closing out my days as well. Start strong and end strong!!  I work on taking steps each and every day toward my short-term goals and long term goals!!

Three, My husband and I have joined forces to share our love for Young Living Essential Oil and boy is it helping so many people and families.  Ever since I have become a stay at home mom I have wanted to find a way that I can help people from where I was, even in this crazy season of raising twins, triplets and a college girl. Now I can, and let me tell you, this has been such an incredible experience! I have been using oils on my own family for almost 2 years and I am passionate because I see such a difference it has made in my family.  My wonderful husband Mark has joined in my passion too!! Together we look to enrich peoples lives through Young Living Essential Oils. If you need any information about these oils, please email me and I will personally reply as soon as I have a moment, lol.

I am so excited to connect with all of you again and hope you enjoy the posts that are coming.  Don’t worry I will keep you posted on the latest with the kiddos too! They are all such a blessing!! Check out our Instagram for the cutest pics ever.

Talk to y’all soon! Leave a comment and say hi below.



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