(Part 4) The Journey- Surprise, you’re having triplets! :0

I remember waking up one morning in March of 2015 and realizing I was turning 40 in 2 months!!  My next thought was, “I still want to have one more baby!!”  I got up and called Mark.  I told him it’s now or never!  We decided to go for it.  We went to our fertility clinic and started the process.  Doctor told us there was a 23% chance of twins again…we were ok with that.  We loved having twins.  They transferred 2 embryos just like the first time.  Then, we waited until it was time to take the blood test to see if I was pregnant. That waiting time always seemed soo long.  The anticipation of what the nurse will say when she calls…I felt like I was holding my breath the whole time.  I felt pregnant, but was that my mind playing tricks on me?  Finally the day came to take the blood test…I went early in the morning. Then around noon the phone rang…
…all I heard was “congratulations” and tears ran down my face.  This was really happening again, we were having another baby or two (so I thought).
It was time for our 1st ultrasound, the moment of truth!  How many babies?  My husband was constantly joking around with me saying…”I think there is 3, I really do…watch Mich, there is gonna be 3!”  I kept telling him he is nuts…that would just be crazy…
“I think there is 3, I really do…watch Mich, there is gonna be 3!”
We were shocked… there was three!

Meet Arianna, Angelee and Ava 💖💖💖 #triplets #babies #babiesofinstagram

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 I think I knew that there was two. I felt similar to how I felt when I was pregnant with the boys. But three! I remember sitting there at the first ultrasound, the nurse practitioner says, “Here’s Baby A and here’s baby B.” Then my husband says, “Are you sure there isn’t another one in there? ”  She looks and she sees a third sack. But she doesn’t think she sees a baby in there. She goes on to say it might just be a pocket of blood or mucus that will probably not be there next week. The following week we go to see and hear the heartbeats. The first baby was spotted and doing great, strong heartbeat, the second baby doing great as well and then the third baby was there… with a heartbeat! We were in shock, we were full of joy, we were scared out of our minds…we had so many emotions going through us…we were speechless!  I just looked at my husband and he looked at me and squeeze my hand. Immediately the nurse practitioner began to tell us that the third baby was behind about a week and that the baby may not survive. She said she was concerned that because I was so small (I am 5 feet tall) I would not be able to carry triplets anyway. This made me really upset and I couldn’t wait to get out of there! I asked to see a doctor next time. I had to stay strong in my faith and believe that all three babies would make it. When I heard those heartbeats there was an immediate connection.
14295412_633063376875051_1069256157_nAfter the appointment we went to go tell my oldest daughter (at the time she was 18), I wanted her to know.  I wish I could of caught her face on camera when we told her.  I also told her about what the nurse practitioner said about the 3rd baby.  Alexa looked at me and began to speak to my belly and said these words to that baby…”you are going to make it, keep growing, keep fighting and I know you are going to be ok…I love all of you already!” Her faith in that moment began to strengthen my faith and fear began to loosen its grip.



The third baby ended up being called Baby A, my little warrior girl… Arianna. She proved that she was not going anywhere, she caught up and did amazing!


Everyone loves babies… Here are three! 😘😍😳 Get ready world! #triplets

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