(Part 2) The Journey from Fertile to Infertile… The Twins!

Seven years… Seven years of waiting! I couldn’t understand it at first. I had my beautiful daughter Alexa at 21 with no problems… How could this be that I was struggling at 28 to have another child.  I remember month after month taking pregnancy tests with no success.  I remember the cold floor of my bathroom, as I laid on it crying out to God for a child. Knowing that when my husband got home I would have to tell him again that we were NOT pregnant! I am so thankful for my friend Cherie that was there to listen no matter how repetitive it got. Even if on the other side of the phone was me just sobbing. It’s important to have a friend like that when you’re going through something like that for so long. But every time I would pick myself up from the floor and know deep inside of me that there was still hope.

We did all the tests…it wasn’t my husband, it was me…secondary infertility. Actually, when the nurse called to tell us the results for my husband, she called him a “Rock Star”…he still won’t let me live that down…lol.  Finally we decided it was time and went to the Fertility Clinic.

I had more than a few things that might be contributing to my infertility, I had scar tissue on my right fallopian tube, my progesterone level was low, my prolactin level was high due to a small tumor on my pituitary gland (called a prolactinoma) and hypothyroidism.  It all happen so fast, we went through the process…got on medication to balance everything, 2 embryos were implanted and here they are…born at 36 weeks and 4 days. Both over 6lbs only 3 days in the NICU. The “Rock Star” and I had two more little rock stars (check out the hats in the picture below).  Just writing this reminds me of how thankful I am!


My little Rock Stars! Rey and Rylan (I can’t tell who is who…lol)