The Journey – Part 5 – One of the scariest nights of my life!

October 3 at two something in the morning, a little over a year ago, I started bleeding a lot and I thought my water broke!  I was only 23 weeks pregnant with the triplets. One of the scariest nights of my life! Thank God my friend Naty was living with us and she was able to stay with the boys.  She always seems to be there at the right times.  I called my doctor (answering service) and was waiting for him to call back…Naty said don’t even wait just start driving!!!  My husband and I rushed to the hospital, all we can do is pray. The thoughts that went through my mind I don’t even want to remember. By the time I got to the hospital the bleeding stopped! I remember my whole body shaking and it wouldn’t stop.  I just kept remembering God’s promise to me and my daughter’s prayer over the babies.  I CHOSE  to believe and have faith in a good outcome.  After running tests they said what must’ve happened is that the placenta for baby A started detaching from the wall of the uterus.  I did not brake my water and now since the 10-weeks-on-hospital-bedrest-is-almost-over-babiesofinstagram-babies-tripletsbleeding stopped we just needed it to heal.  THAT was my first day of my 3 months on hospital bedrest (I will blog more about my experiences on hospital bedrest in the near future). They gave me my first round of steroids and magnesium. Since the healing process began it started tugging on the wall of my uterus and I start contracting.  They put me on medication to stop my contractions. Occasional shots when the other medicine didn’t work. I have got to say, I had the most amazing doctor, resident doctors, team of nurses and CA’s in the world! They would become my family for the time I was there.  My doctor’s wife said to me on one of the first days that would frame my entire stay there, she said…”What we do now to keep these babies in, will make the difference of a lifetime.”

“What we do now to keep these babies in, will make the difference of a lifetime.”

This was so true, everyday that passed, every week and every month would make a difference.  But there were days…days that the bed sucked me in and would not let go.  As uncomfortable that I was in my body laying or should I say sitting because I couldn’t lay down anymore, I still had such a struggle getting out of bed.  I felt depression start to seep in.  I had a choice everyday as I looked at the 4 walls I was confined to… I could not let it overtake me, I had to get up!  Even if it was from the bed to the recliner.  It was a few steps away but it seemed like it was miles away.  I knew that if I stayed in that bed, it would win…so I would ask God to help me, I would put on my favorite songs that inspired me and lifted me up.  I would drench myself in Young Living Essential oils (safe ones for pregnancy of course) that helped me everyday I was there…and I would get up!! Every time I got to the recliner, it was a victory!  My whole attitude and emotional state changed.  It was going to be a good day after all.  Through all of it, the good/bad days, the scary days, the painful days… it was all worth it!! It was worth it for these little lives, these little girls that were growing inside of me.  I was chosen to be their mommy, they were my gift, my reward from heaven and I needed to fight for them!!  

The nurses and CA’s that took care of me became family as I mentioned before. They really cared and made me feel like I was their only patient even though I knew that out there they were so busy with so many mommies and mommies to be.  I still talk to Develyn, she was my overnight CA on the maternity floor, she has become a lifetime friend. I remember the staff asking me how I was still smiling and how I was not losing my mind but they were part of that reason. God first, my family, my friends, the staff and my oils…I felt surrounded and protected. So if there are any nurses, CA’s or doctors reading this out there… I appreciate you!!  What you do matters more than you know!! Thank you for your sacrifice!

Other great things that happen while I was in the hospital were that I watched my husband, my twin boys and my oldest daughter become so close. My relationship with my sister became even stronger. She was such a great support even though she lived in another state. My mom was able to come for their birth, which was special since she lives out of state.

Girls were born December 14, 2015 at 33 weeks and two days. They spent about a 2 weeks in the NICU and were home before the New Year!!

It’s go time!!! Babies coming!!! Dec 14, 2015

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